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About the 
Symington Foundation

The Symington Symbiotic Foundation was incorporated in 2018 with a mission to empower and support children and youth living with disabilities. This mission is accomplished through an interdisciplinary learning and therapy experience consisting of Empowering Steps movement therapy and behaviour intervention, music therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy, all under one roof. Our pediatric clients benefit from therapists of various disciplines exchanging knowledge and observations, and meeting the children's various needs and challenges through different focuses of expertise.


The Symington Symbiotic Foundation provides access to a number of services operated by our partners.


 Behavioural Intervention

Typically consists of one-to-one sessions offered in a gym or pool setting. Utilizes a Developmental Social Pragmatic approach based on the principles of typical child development and how typical children learn to interact.


Music Therapy


 Movement Therapy

A motor intervention program based on a 10-stage motor scale. Children develop focus, coordination, balance, and strength as they progress through each level.


Occupational Therapy


Therapy Intensives

Week-long programs focusing on social integration, physical development, and emotional regulation.



Music therapy uses music purposefully within a therapeutic relationship to support development, health, and well-being.

Occupational therapy takes a holistic approach to help individuals engage and succeed in the important occupations of their life.

Physiotherapists use assessment based treatment plans to provide physical intervention, facilitate rehabilitation, and promote better overall health.


School/Community Living Groups


Speech and Language Pathology

The aim of this program is to increase strength, coordination, and social play in a group setting designed for students with special needs.

Our SLP therapist believes in using a family-centered approach to work with the child and their family to develop meaningful and functional goals.

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